June Malcolm's blog wealthycreator.ws/PATHStoPersonalWEALTHSUCCESS&rss June Malcolm's blog en-us Sat, 09 Dec 2023 07:50:36 UTC Sat, 09 Dec 2023 07:50:36 UTC INTRO to WEALTH & SUCCESS http://wealthycreator.ws/PATHStoPersonalWEALTHSUCCESS&p=67ED9BE9FC0B909CE050010AAC01EAB7   WELCOME to the WORLD WIDE WEB! [www.]   If YOU have been thinking of doing business on the Internet but did know where to begin, well I am pleased to inform You that You’ve landed at the right place – WEALTH & SUCCESS, ME. The Internet is both enticing and daunting, at the same time.  It is mysterious yet exciting.  The thought that you can lay in your bed and visit any where in the universe, even outer space, at a moment’s notice is captivating, but at the same time scary. “How can that be?  Exactly who is controlling all these operations?  Are “they” spying on us?  What about my privacy?”  These are examples of questions that have been asked about the Internet since it was presented to the world. Conspiracy theorists have honed in on the subject, and continued to maintain, very strongly, that the Internet is a means of controlling society.  They believe that a secret order called the Illuminate is the real ruler in the earth and by their unlimited  power continues to violate the minds and rights of the common people, which is offering no resistance because for the most part they are ignorant of this state of affairs. However, even conspiracy theorists still use and rely heavily on the Internet.  On the one hand digital devices are not to be trusted, but they cannot conduct their day-to-day affairs without them.   It is interesting to watch this paradoxical relationship between Man and Internet-powered machines. So if the theorists who are so suspicious of the technology still rely on it so heavily, it is safe to say that everyone is dependent on the Internet, in one way or the other. One of the major sectors in which Man’s dependence on technology is undeniably evident is communications.   Technology has removed all borders and barriers to people talking to each other.    Modern communicative devices allow people to not only talk to each other, but also to see one another, in real time, even if one is on earth and the other in outer space. Surgeries can be performed, remotely – that is doctor and patient are in two completely different places during the operation. At times, this course of action has proven to be more efficient and cost effective than an attempt to relocate either patient or doctors.  Man, no longer see themselves without the use of the Internet. Internet technology is the established method of communication in every institution, the home, entertainment industry, governments, professions, businesses and schools at every level.  Distance-learning is now fully integrated and recognized in our educational structures. The latest electronic gadget that I have seen on the market is a handheld device that transforms the carrier into an instant multi-lingual genius.  This little device that can be carried in the shirt pocket will allow you to communicate in almost all languages on the earth.  The Internet dominance will not wane.  It will only get more common place as more and more devices are designed to use its power at source. In business, the Internet rules over Marketing and Development.  The whole world has become the marketplace for every developer and marketer.  With logistics and shipping companies to enable sales and delivery, goods travel back and forth throughout the world  with ease and efficiency. Tangible physical goods being traded and transported from seller to buyer is traditional, and therefore, understandable.  However, the maturing of Internet technology has given birth to a new breed, fashionably called, Internet Marketers.  This is the niche of WEALTH and SUCCESS – ME! The Medical field teamed with the Health and Nutrition industry is now claiming that a person can live to age 180 years, in good health.  Certain in the religious FAITH sector endorses this thought.  Afterall, in the beginning individuals lived to almost 1000 years, upon the earth.  And according to Biblical teachings on the end-time events upon the earth, a person 100 years old, will still be a child.  So, with technology as master, it’s a new dawn…it’s a new day…it’s a new life!  What are you going to do with yourself?  You need to come abreast with Internet Technology and what it has to offer.  Of all species, Man holds divine dominion over all God’s creations.   It is the responsibility of human beings to fully control all technological developments.   Each person, needs to know how to understand Internet Applications and manipulate them for his or her benefits This is no problem for the younger generations.  They come out of the womb knowing how to use Internet systems.  But folks labelled as “Baby Boomers” might feel as if it is impossible to move forward in this new socio-economic order.  Set your mind at ease, WEALTH & SUCCESS, ME is designed just for you.  The folks at WEALTH & SUCCESS ME are between generations, technologically skilled, and adequately equipped to bridge all gaps. We invite you, dear Reader to visit often.  Post comments.  Ask all questions.  We will answer in a very timely manner.  If you do not have an email address, we are going to post an article about setting a global identifier, by which you will be known and communicate with others on the Internet. Then according to your natural interests, hobbies and goals, we will help you to reach your desired destiny – a place where you will feel proud of your accomplishment.  No matter how little you know, we will be able to help you to understand the Internet better and use it for your benefits. Now, don’t misunderstand. WEALTH & SUCCESS ME is for everyone.  The opportunities  presented will be good and profitable for all, but some portion of certain posts will be geared to the folks who might not be Internet savvy. So, what will WEALTH & SUCCESS, ME offer? v Workable knowledge of current social, economic and technological developments. v Internet Marketing and Business Opportunities.   v Internet Applications and Navigation Skills Development v Health and Wellness Articles v Reviews and Critical Analysis of Articles and other Literature v Just a Place to Hang Out on the Internet and have Fun If you’d like to be on WEALTH & SUCCESS, ME mailing list, please send us an email at: awealthycreator@gmail.com  or leave a “Comment” asking to be put on our mailing list. WEALTH & SUCCESS ME respects your privacy and will not share your information with another party. Please allow me to say “.” for the time you spent with us, today. Sincerely,   June Malcolm “Your Success Mentor!” 2019-06-08 16:11:00